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School Council

Spring 2018


Our next project is to promote healthy eating in school.  We have met with the caters and discussed our plans.


If there is anything that you would particularly like on the school menu, speak to your class representatives.  Obviously we cannot grant everyone's wish or recommend food that is not good for us.


We are bringing back the Golden Table to reward those pupils who have behaved well in school.  Listen out for the people to sit on the Golden Table at Friday assemblies.

School Council for 2017-2018


The elections for School Council have been held and the successful candidates have been introduced to the rest of the school at a recent assembly.  We wish them every success in their work this year.


The first meeting of the school council has been held and they have decided that their first project of the year will be to improve road safety awareness around school, as part of our application for renewal of the Healthy School Award.


They are in the process of organising a road safety poster campaign and competition, with prizes for the three most effective posters (voted by the school council).


So if you have any issues that you would like bringing to the attention of the School Council, speak to one of your class representatives.


The School Council

Meet our democratically elected school councilors for 2016-17


After being successfully elected by their class mates our new school councillors for this year would like to introduce themselves:


Hi, my name is Cameron and I am the Year 6 councillor. I like to play football and I love learning. I am happy that I am a school councillor because I think that as a team we can make the school a better place. I will help people and look after the school and hopefully make everyone happy.


Hi, my name is Jacinta-Maria and I am the Year 6 councillor. I am ten years old and have been in this school since nursery. The school has really improved since then especially the school council. I wanted to be a councillor as I wanted to make a difference in our school for the better. I believe in a place for everyone to make friends and learn life lessons. I know as long as I try my hardest, I will be the best councillor I can be. Just helping people with their problems, requests and ideas can make a school even better. Throughout this year I wish to help as much as I can. With the support from my class mates I know this will be possible.


Hi my name is Ben, I am the Year 5 school councillor and I have been coming to this school since nursery. I wanted to be a school councillor because I think I will be good at it as I have lots of ideas about how to make our school even better. The thing I would like to do this year is improve the playgrounds and have lots more equipment for them. I have already had lots of requests from my friends and hopefully you will give me lots more this year. If you have requests you will find me on the junior playground.


Hello my name is Eve; I am a Year 5 councillor. My favourite subjects in school are History, Art and English. My hobbies are horse riding and drawing.  I wanted to be a councillor because I want to help the school by listening to the children and telling the teachers their ideas. This year I would like to plan more trips for each year and have other fun activities including more visitors in class. I think that I will be a good councillor because I will always help the children and be their voice. I want to make this school even better than it already is. When we go out to schools parliament as councillors I will listen and let the pupils in our school know what was said. I want to be a great councillor and help in every way possible. 


Hi, my name is Kacper and I am a Year 4 school councillor. I always wanted to be a councillor because I like helping people and making the school the best I can. I think helping is a blessing from God and thank you all for voting for me. This year I hope to make the school even better by helping everybody.


Hi, my name is Millie I am a Year 4 councillor and I have been in this school since nursery. I wanted to be a school councillor because I could make people happy and help people. My class chose me because they hoped I would make school a better place. Our school is a place where we keep safe, learn a lot all together and practice our handwriting every day.  This year I’m going to make this school even better than it is.


Hi my name is Joseph, I am 7 years old and I am the Year 3 school councillor for this year. I really like PE and Art. I wanted to be a school councillor to help the school. I would tell people to be kind and get along and to be sensible. I also want to help people play some more games.


Hello my name is Ella. I like Maths and PE. I wanted to be a school councillor because I will be able to help the school. I think I will be good at this job because I am sensible, kind and helpful. I hope to help my friends in school this year.


Liverpool Schools Parliament


Our Year 5 and 6 councillors are now members of the Liverpool Schools' Parliament. Liverpool Schools' Parliament (LSP) is an organisation comprised of the young people of Liverpool who wish make positive and constructive changes to their city, and is recognised as an official committee of the Liverpool City Council. The Liverpool School's Parliament is a platform for the voice of children and young people in Merseyside and being part of this is a fantastic experience for our councillors. 


We attended our first meeting in the Town Hall on 29th September 2016. The children worked in groups to suggest the changes that they would like to see in our city. Our councillors got up in front of a large room of people and confidently presented their ideas and suggestions. We were also lucky to have a tour of the Town Hall.

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Junior Lord Mayor Elections


As part of the Liverpool Schools' Parliament the children were offered the chance to put themselves forward for the Junior Lord Mayor elections. Three of our councillors were keen to take part and so they each prepared a speech explaining how they would be a positive ambassador for the children of Liverpool. The children presented their speeches to the whole Junior school in assembly and they all did an amazing job! The children voted to decide who would represent our school and the vote was very close with Jacinta being selected as our candidate. Jacinta then presented a fantastic speech in the Council Chambers. We are very proud of all of our councillors who prepared wonderful speeches and delivered them with confidence.



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Model UK Parliament - 7th December


We attended the first model UK parliament at Liverpool Hope University. We learnt a lot about how parliament works in the UK and how the government votes on different issues. We worked with children from other schools to create our own political parties and decided whether we were for or against on a range of different topics (such as banning uniform in schools or giving free school meals to all children). We prepared our arguments for debate and then acted as the government, sharing our arguments and then voting on each of the issues.