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Please see the attached doc with FAQ about Covid which has been put together in September 2021 to assist families on questions around school attendance and testing

September 2021 - Please see the attached letter from the Directors of Public Health and Children's Services at Liverpool City Council

Please see the attached letter from the Directors of Children's Services and Public Health which we have been asked to forward to all families.

Please see attached letter from the Director of Children's Services and Director of Public Health about household testing.

This link


provides some excellent advice and resources to help families prepare their children for returning to school in March 2021.  During the first few weeks of the return to school, we will be doing much to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils coming back to school, but the link will help families in advance of the children returning.


Stay safe 

Please see letter below for information about school reopening to all pupils on 8/3/21