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Our planet is changing.  We need to help it change for the better and we will be asking for your help to do that!  There are a lot of things that affect our planet in a bad way but the good news is that everyone can help to reduce them and do their bit for the environment.


We have just started a new Eco Council in Our Lady and St Philomena's made up of Year 5 and 6 children. The Eco Council will meet at Eco Club every Thursday after school. In Eco Club we will explore environmental issues through fun activities and encourage children to be responsible citizens in their use of the world's resources. We have joined the Eco schools programme and the children will be exploring how we can make our school more eco-friendly while working towards gaining our Eco School's Award.  The children will also take on responsibilities within school, for example encouraging recycling or the conservation of water and electricity and running Eco projects. We are looking forward to making a difference in our school!


Switch Off Fortnight - 18th November to 2nd December


Our first project was to launch Switch Off Fortnight in our school, which aims to reduce the amount of electricity we waste. We played some games to understand how we can save electricity and then did an audit of our school to find out which classes were wasting electricity by leaving things switched on when no-one is in the room. We prepared an assembly to launch our project and teach the other children (and staff!) in our school about how to reduce the amount of energy we waste. Our assembly was a great success and we will be working hard over the next two weeks to reduce energy waste in our school - giving out stickers to reward those doing a good job.



Our Blog


As part of Switch Off Fortnight we also started our own online blog - this is a copy of our first post. Click on the link below to like our post.


Hello, we are the OLASP-ECO'S.

We have realised that our school community needs our help and so we have signed up for Switch Off Fortnight 2016. We have formed an Eco team to educate the other children (and the teachers!) in our school about saving energy. Our mission is to work as a team to make sure energy in our school is not wasted. We are going to achieve this by encouraging our teachers, as well as our fellow pupils, to switch off all electricity when it is not being used. This means switching off lights, smart boards etc. when they are not in used. We are most looking forward to telling off the teachers who waste our energy! However, rewards will also be given to those who follow the eco rules. Stay in touch to see how we get on and see which teachers are named and shamed this week!


By the OLASP Eco's!


Link to our blog:

Bulbs4Kids - Planting 


We applied to be part of the Bulbs4Kids programme which meant our school received lots of bulbs for us to plant in the school grounds. We had lots of fun in Eco Club planting the bulbs in both of the school and we can't wait to see the beautiful flowers growing in spring time. 



Sow and Grow


In Eco Club we have been thinking about growing our own food. Growing your own fruit and vegetables can have a positive impact on the environment as well as producing tasty things for us to eat. We signed up to this year's Sow and Grow programme for schools and have planted our own broad beans, carrots, cress and strawberries. We will be taking our planted seeds home and looking after them so that they grow in to delicious fruit and vegetables.

Making our own recycled paper


In Eco Club we are always thinking about recycling and today we had a go at recycling our own paper to see how easy it could be. We left some scrap paper to soak and then created pulp with it. Once our pulp was ready we added food colouring and glitter to make our new paper more attractive and then pressed it into shapes. We will leave the paper to dry overnight and have brand new paper tomorrow. We had lots of fun making mess and getting our hands in the pulp!

Planting Trees


Thanks to the Woodland Trust we have been sent trees to plant in our school grounds. Today in Eco Club we decided where the best place to plant the new trees would be and then measured out the correct distances between them to allow them to grow fully. We worked hard planting the trees and we are looking forward to seeing them grow in the future.

Trip to the Recycling Plant


This afternoon Eco Club and Year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit to the recycling factory. We took part in an excellent session where we learnt all about recycling and its importance before visiting the machines themselves. We saw recycling in action and are definitely inspired to encourage this in our schools and homes!

Green Schools Visit


Today in Eco Club we had visitors from the University of Liverpool, who came to talk to us about renewable energy and how we can help. We had a really fun session learning more about the different ways we can make and save energy.