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Please see attached poster with information on a free webinar regarding home learning.

Please see attached flyer with information to help parents when reading with children.

This note is just to remind parents/carers of the importance of children engaging with home learning during the lockdown. 


We do keep a register of those pupils who are not engaging and will continue to contact families if we note that their children are not joining in.


Remember that if you are having difficulties, we can offer support in terms of providing paper copies of work (as some families have expressed a preference for this), we have a limited number of devices that we can loan out to families who lack them, SIM cards to facilitate free data to connect to online learning or just provide a sympathetic ear or advice on how to encourage children.


It would be best to establish a routine for your children (have a timetable and build in breaks), set up a working area distinct from where they can take a break if possible.  Getting your child to do a little is better than them not engaging at all; build the time up gradually.


We understand that home learning can be very challenging for children and parents/carers, but it is vital to their mental health, development and progress for them to interact with their teachers and classmates as much as possible.


If you want any advice on online learning please contact school.


Stay safe

Home Learning Jan 21

Please see attached links with resources for Literacy and mindset, which you may find useful:



Please look under the Parents section for information regarding Seesaw, which relates to work in class, homework and home learning for those pupils who may be self-isolating.

If you are having difficulty accessing online learning, please contact school for advice or to request paper copies of the work that your child's class are currently undertaking.