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Silver Award Gained!!!

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Our Lady and St. Philomena's are proud to be taking part in Liverpool Counts Quality Mark. 


The scheme aims:

  • To Raise standards in Mathematics and numeracy with fun and joy of number at its heart
  • To challenge perceptions and change attitudes towards number and mathematics 
  • To raise the profile of numeracy using activities, events and resources based on real-life
  • To bring relevance to numeracy through problem solving, demonstrating it is an essential skill

Over the coming year we will be looking at different ways to show pupils that numeracy skills are used consistently in everyday life.

All classes now have a maths bear and maths book. Children will be chosen to take these home and they will keep a diary about all of the maths they have used in real life. 

Maths ambassadors!

Year 2 -Fi and Fiona

Year 3 - Michelle and Thomas

Year 4 - Cain and Lewis

Year 5 - Reece and Joash 

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Friday 3rd February - NSPCC Number Day.

As the date is an odd number, please wear odd socks and bring in a donation :) 

16/2/17 - Today our maths ambassadors visited Barclays Sky Branch in Wavertee to find out how they use maths in their jobs. They were very surprised to find out how much was actually used without even realising.

3/3/17 - Well done to Colin, Jacinta, Justina and Benita who took part in a maths competition today in Phoenix Primary School. 


9/3/17 - Well done to Gloria, Reece and Charlize from Year 5 and Harry and Adrian from Year 4. Today they took part in an enterprise competition in Royal Sun Alliance. Reece said, "We had to be stock market traders for Dr. Taylor who was interested in health and fitness. We had £25000 to work with and had to decide which companies to invest in. We made a profit of £605000. We had to use lots of different maths skills as well as problem solving and working as a team."

The children were split up in to different teams with children from other schools and the overall winners were I.T.I (Intelligent Trading International). Well done to Gloria who was part of this team!


15/3/17 - A visit from Willmott Homes.

Thank you very much to our two visitors from Willmott Homes today who worked with Year 3/4 and Year 1.

Year 3/4 took part in a workshop where they discussed all of the different ways the builders and contractors would use maths on site. They came up with some brilliant ideas including perimeter, shape and angles. They were then given a budget and had to work out what combinations of doors, windows and fencing they would use when building a house.

Year 1 also discussed how maths was used in the job, especially in construction. They then had lots of fun constructing their own building with spaghetti and marshmallows! They had to copy the buildings by looking at the different shapes. There was a lot of problem solving involved and the children worked very well as a team. 


16/3/17 - Thank you to Barry Kushner, Labour Councillor for Norris Green, who visited today to discuss how he uses maths in his job. 

We also had a visit from Father Kevin today who told the children all about how he uses maths both in the job he does now and in his previous job. The children had lots of brilliant questions for him. Thank you Father Kevin.