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Governors discuss reading with pupils

Governors visit to meet children and discuss reading matters.
Some of the governors visited the school on 21st May and met groups of children from Year 1 to Year 6. The focus of this visit was to seek the views of children about reading and the new school library.
The whole morning was a delightful experience! Children in all year groups were enthusiastic about reading and knowledgeable about their favourite authors.
They are very clear about how they wish the school library to develop in the coming year, when funds become available. They discussed their wishes for more books, furnishings and display boards to enhance the library.
The children spoke of their library as a haven - "as a place they love to go to."
They also told us that the 'children librarians' appointed in the school, helped them with reading and choosing books. They said they wanted to be able to share ideas of great books with other children in the school, by posting reviews on a notice board.
As governors, we left the school feeling that the children had a love of reading for pleasure and that the new school library, although still in early stages of development, is an enormous success. We look forward to the next stage of development of this project.
Parents and staff should be very proud of the children and their love of books.