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School Closure and Home Learning

Please see the link below for advice and details of support from CAMHS:

Parenting Support During Covid-19

Our Lady & St Philomena's Hub School


Please be aware that after Friday 27th March, our school premises will no longer operate as a Hub for the children of Key Workers and vulnerable families.


From Monday 30th March 2020, those eligible who wish to use the services  of a Hub, please use the one at Holy Name Catholic Primary School, Moss Pits Lane, L10 9LG.


There will be at least one member of Our Lady & St Philomena's Staff based there.

Cobalt Housing Association - Food Banks

Please see the link below from Liverpool City Council with information about the Hub schools that are remaining open during the school closures period.



As of today, Friday 20th March 2020, school will be closed as an educational provider due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


We have been informed that we are one of the Hubs in the city that will stay open during the nationwide school closures for the children of vulnerable families (those families who have an assigned social worker) and those were parents/carers are key workers.  Children with an EHCP whose parents are Key Workers are also eligible to attend if they cannot find alternative childcare provision.


Please see the information from Liverpool City Council (website link below) for a list of Key Workers and more detailed information.  Please note that you may be required to provide proof from your employer that you are on the published Key Workers list. 


If you have an adult at home who is not elderly, your child must stay at home even if the parents are key workers.  It is essential to find alternative provision for childcare without putting elderly relatives (over 70s) at risk if it is at all possible to help prevent the spread of the virus. The Hubs are a last resort for those Key Workers who cannot find alternative provision and it is in the children's best interests not to attend the Hubs if childcare provision can be arranged elsewhere.  Hubs are available to children of Primary School Age only.


The school building will be open for those who are eligible from 9:00 - 4:00 initially.


Please note, if you are planning to bring your child to school on Monday, you will be required to complete medical/allergy, contact and collection arrangement details (even if your child is a pupil of the school).


Weather permitting, the children will undertake outside activities so please ensure that they wear suitable dress and footwear. 


Stay safe and God Bless


Mrs Radford

Information on Autism

Home Learning - Modern Foreign Languages

Information Regarding Home E-Learning


Children attending school today (19/03/20) will be given a letter to take home with their personalised usernames, passwords and QR codes to enable them to E-learn at home during the impending nationwide school closure. 


Quite a number of children are absent from school because of the health crises and will not receive the letter with their login details.  They will be available to collect from the school office on Friday 20th March 2020.  Could we ask that those families who are having to self-isolate send a family member, friend or associate who is well and will not be in danger of spreading the virus to collect the letter on their behalf.


If any families do not have the technology at home to facilitate E-learning and would rather have a paper home-work package please inform school with details of the child's name and Year Group.  These packs will also be available to collect from the school office on Friday 20th March 2020.  The same collection request applies.




Thank you and keep safe


Mrs Radford

Executive Head Teacher

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