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School Opening 4th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


I am sure that you are all aware of the debate in the media around the reopening of Primary Schools tomorrow.  Both Mrs Radford and Mr Doyle have attended a virtual meeting with primary head teachers across the city and representatives of Liverpool City Council this afternoon/evening.


The stance of Liverpool City Council is that schools should remain open where it is safe to do so, but there is an understanding of the genuine concerns of some staff regarding the health and safety of themselves, colleagues, pupils and families.  All staff at Our Lady and St Philomena's have been canvassed and we have sufficient staff for school to open tomorrow as planned.  There will be a full complement of teaching and support staff and we are confident that the measures that we have in place will mean that we do our utmost to protect the health of the school community.


We will be revisiting the school's Risk Assessment and there will be some changes (such as children not breaking in to groups for phonics).  On completion of the redrafting of the Risk Assessment, it will be published on the school website as it has been for each redraft for parents/carers to view.


I am sorry that we have not been able to confirm this sooner, but we had to wait until we had all the information/advice and views of staff to hand before coming to a decision.


Please adhere to the systems and routines that were in place last term (for example only come in to school if you have a pre-arranged appointment, wear face masks while on the school premises if you are medically able to do so, keep 2m distance from each other at drop-off and collection times etc).


A.A. Radford                                                              P Doyle

Executive Head Teacher                                            Head of School