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Kooth - See the information below for support with mental health and wellbeing.


Kooth is an online #mentalhealth and #wellbeing community. Free, safe and anonymous #support for children and young people aged 10-25 in Liverpool.

A member of the #LivCAMHS Partnership.


🕰 Open:

Mon–Fri: 12pm–10pm

Sat–Sun: 6pm–10pm


Twitter handles to tag are @Kooth_plc and @LivCAMHSFYI

Please see attached link with information on how children can become Liverpool City Council library members.


Please see the link below for online and phone psychological support from Mersey Care:

Please below for information on Wellbeing

Liverpool CAMHS are offering bite-size training opportunities for families on:


Adolescent Brain Development;

Eating Disorders;


Social Media and Mental Health Training;



ACEs and Trauma-Informed Practice;

Serious (about suicide);

Managain a child's worry;

Undertstanding my stress response;

Emracing uncertainty;



Please visit the CAMHS website with information on how to contact CAMHS and register for the training.

A representative of Christ Church, Norris Green, has been in touch with school to inform us that they have set up a new Food Pantry. Its aim is to assist families who struggle financially and may benefit from assistance in obtaining food.


It’s a way of helping individuals and families get incredible value for money, by becoming members of their ‘food club’.  Members pay £3.50 per week for any week they want to take part, and will receive food with a value of around £15-£20.  It’s open to all people living in the Norris Green and Sparrow Hall areas (as well as the Daneville estate).  Families and individuals can sign up at


and look for Christ Church, Norris Green pantry or can call on the pantry phone on 07874 772 872 to receive help and advice.


The Food Pantry have forwarded documents to school to help partner agencies to support those wishing to sign up.  So if you need assistance in joining the scheme, school staff may be able to help when school re-opens after half-term. 


Christ Church is also still running a Foodbank and can issue e-vouchers, so get in touch if you feel this would help you or your family. 



Your Local Pantry

Your Local Pantry is a network of community food stores, creating a sustainable and long-term solution to food poverty and helping the UK save money on their food bills. Stockport Homes Group first developed this pantry model and the social franchise is now run by a partnership between Foundations Stockport and Church Action on Poverty... If you are interested in setting up a Pantry in your ...


For Anyone suffering the effects of domestic violence or coercive behaviour

Parents/Carers may find the attached document informative and helpful to ensure children's digital safety.

Please see attached information about free online courses on emotional development.

KS1 and 2 SATS.


Parents of Year 2 and Year 6 pupils may find the attached link useful.


Information for parents: 2019 national curriculum tests at the end of key stages 1 and 2 

You may find the following links useful in helping to become more aware of the apps that children frequently use: