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Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6



Locational and Place knowledge

Have you ever been lost?

School grounds and local area

UK and its countries and capital cities


Local area study and fieldwork.

What on Earth? What’s in a Region?


Why Different Weather around the World?


Water cycle

Sanitation, drought and flood


South America

Croeso I Ariannin



Human and Physical Geography

Polar bears and penguins? / Sun hats or umbrellas?

Hot and cold areas of the earth


United Kingdom V Australia


What’s so Special about Malopolska, Poland?


Catalonia Here We Come!


North America California


How on Earth do We Impact on our Landscape?




City v Country v Coast


United kingdom V Africa


Where and Why does the Earth Rumble?



Liverpool & Where Does Our Food Come From?

Liverpool and the River Mersey and the River Alt



Local Area Study/ enquiry

I’m a Year 6 Pupil Get Me out of Here