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February was our busiest Lifesavers club since our relaunch


Someone is saving up for their holidays to make sure that they can have nice time in the summer;  Aga wants to put money aside for emergencies; Annmary wants to save up money so that she can give some to poor people; and Toby is saving up for a Tesla!


All valid reasons for saving up!

Somebody is looking ofrward to their holidays and is putting money aside for it now - what a good idea to plan ahead and save for something nice in the future.





A massive thank you to those pupils who have volunteered to act as Cashiers for LifeSavers this year.  They had a very busy day sorting out new passbooks and account numbers for the restart after Covid.


Thank you both for your help.


We have launched our Lifesavers club!  If you want to join in and learn valuable life skills, ask Mr Doyle or one of our helpers from Year 5 for more information.