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Year 5

Week Commencing 10/1/22


Dominik, well done for improving your listening skills this week.  You will notice the increased progress that you make if you keep this up.


Dylan, you have received recognition for the positive contribution that you have made to lessons and learning this week.

Week Commencing 3/1/22


Nicholas, it was lovely to hear about how enthusiastic and inquisitive you have been in your approach to learning this week.


Layton, you have impressed in PE this week.  Well done for the effort that you have put in.


Lily, Mr Doyle chose you this week for his certificate because you are always cheerful and polie. We need people like you around school to brighten up our days.



Golden Letter Winners


Well done to Isabella and Paul for being the recipients of this term's Golden Letters for Year 5.


Isabella was recognised for her positive "can do" attitude in all that she does and being a good role-model for others.


Paul, your good manners, politeness  and consideration of others has been recognised. 


Great news and well done both of you.

Week Commencing 13/12/21


Thank you to the representatives of Year 5 who have completed the Nail It anti-bullying programme this week.  Go out and spread the word!


Week Commencing 6/12/21


Well done Tommy H for your use of figurative language in your writing this week.


Arthur, Mrs Beesley has noticed the progress that you have made in telling the time.

Week Commencing 29/11/21


This has been a brilliant week for Year 5 for many reasons.


Firstly, you did so well working together in the One Goal (mental health project).


Genelia has been noted for her hard work and positive contributions across all subjects.


Dominik has demonstrated an improved attitude in all areas.


Esme has shown that lots of little acts of kindness make one big positive contribution to school life.



You are the best attendees this week with a magnificent figure of 97.5%!


Week Commencing 22/11/21


Faye, you have been recognised by Miss Weaver this week for being such a fantastic role model to the rest of the class.


Amelia, you were chosen by one of your peers this week in recognition of the resilience that you have shown towards your learning.  What a fantastic thing - to be nominated by a classmate.


Zach won Mr Doyle's certificate this week for his consideration in coming to the aid of a classmate in need.



Thank you to the Year 5s who completed Day 1 of the Nail It programme with Bully Busters.


Week Commencing 15/11/21


This has been a very rewarding week this week for Year 5.  We had four girls being fantastic representatives of our school at the Science Booster at SJB.


We had the play leaders beginning their duties this week (and what a success they have been).


Furthermore, Max has impressed Miss Weaver with his initiative in his independent research for his DT topic and Grace who has shown a brilliant understanding of geographical vocabulary in the Rivers topic.



Week Commencing 15/11/21


Thank you to the Year 5 girls who represented our school so well at the SJB Science Booster.  I bet you never expected to be dissecting lambs' hearts did you girls?


They found it a fun, educational and aspirational day.


Week Beginning 8/11/21


Year 5, congratulations on being the best attendance winners this week- 98.6%! WOW! Keep it up.


Well done to Kate and Tommy M too for being the recipients of Miss Weaver's certificates this week: Kate for a fantastic description of a setting related to cheetahs and our Chester Zoo trip; and Tommy for his positive contribution to the class.

Year 5's Trip to Chester Zoo


What a wonderful day was had by all.  We had an amazing day and had so much to talk and write about when we got back to school.
To top it all, we were so lucky with the weather: instead of the cold and rain that had been forecasted, we had blue skies and warm temperatures - God was looking after us on our trip!

Year 5 Chester Zoo.mp4

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Week Commencing 1/11/21


Alisia, you impressed Miss Weaver so much this week with the resilience that you demonstrated in your first swimming lesson.  Well done.


Layton, you were chosen for your positive contribution in English lessons.  That is so good to hear about.

Week Commencing 18/10/21


It has been a very good week in English lessons this week.  Two pupils who have really stood out this week for Miss Weaver are David who has made huge strides in the presentation of his work and Layton who has tried hard with his reading.

Week Beginning 11/10/21


Charlie was chosen by his classmates this week.  In their words, "He is an excellent role-model."


Zach was also chosen for his kindness.


What wonderful qualities to be recognised by your peers!


Also, a big well done and thank you to Paul for representing our school football team so well, both in terms of his performance and in his sporting conduct.


It was wonderful to see our Year 5 Playground Leaders being trained up for their duties:



I was very impressed with the gymnastics this week too!


Week Beginning 4/10/21


Aga, you have really impressed Miss Weaver this week by your work in Maths.  You have demonstrated number recognition up to 100,000 - WOW!


Esme, well done for working so well this week.  You stood out especially in the Science lesson when you had to work collaboratively for your investigation.

Week Beginning 27/09/21


Joseph, you have demonstrated some fantastic knowledge of the Anglo-Saxons in History this week and Sophia, you have been trying so hard with your ambitious vocabulary in writing.


Miss Weaver has been so pleased with your efforts this week; well done!


Furthermore, you were the attendance winners for this week, with a fantastic figure of 98.7%.


Week Beginning 20/09/21


Alissia, I was so please to hear about your fantastic creativity in Art lessons this week.  I can't wait to see it exhibited on our school website.


Faye, keep up your positive attitude to learning.  Your positivity is such an important aspect of your class as you set an example for others to be positive.


Karol, I chose you to receive my certificate this week because you have made the right choices and been a very considerate, caring person on the playground.



Week Beginning 13/09/21


This has been another fantastic week from you.  You seem to be trying so hard to live up to our Code of Conduct.


Well done especially to Isabella, who has impressed Miss Weaver with her general attitude to learning and school, and Nicholas, who has shown himself to be a keen and inquisitive scientist this week.

Week Beginning 6/9/21


Two pupils who impressed Miss Weaver this week are:


Ben for his positive attitude in class and Amelia who has been helpful and supportive to others.


Well done you two. Thank you for living out our code of conduct.

Well done Aga for being the recipient of the first certificate of the year from Mr Doyle.


You won it because of your politeness and lovely manners. By behaving in such a way, you have contributed to the school's Code of Conduct - your words and actions were positive!  


Keep it up Aga and be a great example to others.