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Year 1

We break up for half the summer holidays at 1.30am on Friday 22nd July 2016.  Enjoy the Summer. 

Good Luck to all the children as they move into Year 2 in September


Sports Day 2016

We made fruit salads in DT. They were yummy!

In RE we acted out the story of The Good Samaritan. Who was the good neighbour? Jesus wants us to love all our neighbours.

English - Immersing ourselves in Poetry

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Year 1 have been reading lots of poems about pets. They decided to perform their favourite one. It is called 'The Invisible Man's Invisible Dog.' We made up our own actions to go with the poem. We think it is very funny! Enjoy!

Geography - Our Local Communuty

Summer 2


Welcome to the last half-term of the year. 


Maths - We will be consolidating our skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.  We love working out problems, so are looking forward this.


English - This half term we will be looking at writing Recounts.  Our trip to Frankie and Benny's will give us the ideal event to write about.  We will also be looking at Poetry on a Theme.  We really enjoy poetry in Year 1, especially if the poems are funny.


Science - This half-term we are looking at Plants.  What do they need to grow?   What are the parts of a plant called?  How are seeds dispersed? Which plants are considered to be wild flowers?


Geography - For our Geography topic, Comparing Localities in the UK, we are looking at our own community.  We will compare what we have in our local area, with a small village in Lincolnshire called Scothern.  We will be using a fantastic map resource called Digimaps to help us compare the two different localities.  Of course, we will be going for a walk around the school. 


DT - In DT this half-term we are going to make tasty fruit snacks.  We will look at and taste the fruits, then design, make and evaluate them



We won the Attendance and went to Frankie and Benny's.  Yay!

We won the Attendance and went to Frankie and Benny's.  Yay!

Frankie and Benny's

Y1 Phonics Screening

Year 1 children will be taking part in Phonics Screening immediately after we return to school from the Whit half-term break.  Please ensure your child is in school and on time for this.  Thank you.

Summer 1 Term


This term we have been doing lots of exciting things in class.


English - This half term we have been looking at Stories with a Fantasy Setting.  We really enjoyed reading and writing stories about pirates, aliens, mermaids and wild things.  We looked at different characters and settings and came up with adjectives and similes to describe them.  At the moment we are looking at Information Texts and are learning about all the different features and how to use them.  We have linked this topic to the work we are doing in History and our trip to the fire station.  Our final piece of writing will be an information leaflet on Firefighting.  We are continuing to work on using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our writing and to try and work as neatly as possible. 


Maths - We have really been enjoying our Maths topics this half term.  We have been looking at naming and describing the properties of 2D and 3D Shape  and have really enjoyed doing this.  We have also been looking at Position, Direction and Movement.  We have described the position of different objects around the classroom (eg behind, in front, inside) plotted routes using directional language and looked at quarter, half, three quarter and full turns. 


Science - Our Science topic this half term has been Seasonal Changes and we have been investigating changes in the weather, hours of sunlight, rainfall and signs of Spring and Summer in the environment.  We will be moving on to the next topic of Plants very soon.


History - We have really enjoyed our History topic of The Great Fire of London.  We found out when, where and how it started.  We've looked at eyewitness accounts from people like Samuel Pepys and made comparisons between London then and now and how the fire service has changed over time.  We also thoroughly enjoyed our class trip to Croxteth Fire Station, photos of which you can see in our gallery.


Art - We have also linked our Art to our History topic and created our own small collages of The Great Fire of London, as well as a huge class collage on the corridor outside our classroom. 




Hello and Welcome to Year 1
Class 1A are taught by Mrs Alexander and Mrs Thompson.
We have a very busy year ahead as the children continue their learning adventure in year 1. This page will be used to let you know about the fun learning taking place in our class. We will include information about topics, news, reminders and help for your child.

Here is some general information for Autumn Term 2015:


 Every Thursday we have PE so don't forget your kit. All children  need a school kit of blue shorts, white T-shirt and black pumps. Make sure that all items of uniform are marked with your child's name. This saves much time and trouble.
·         Spellings given out on Friday for a quiz the following week. 
·         Different types of homework will be used. Sometimes:            
'Creative' finding out about a new topic.                                 
'Practice Makes Perfect' handwriting/spelling/Maths problems. 
'Talk Time' talking about what we are learning in school.


Mrs Thompson  and I try our very best to listen to your child read each day and we would be delighted if you could listen to your child read for ten minutes every day also. Sign the book and make comments to let us know any difficulties they may have had. Reading with your child will make a huge difference to their progress. Remember that discussing the book and asking your child questions about the story is just as important as listening to them read the words. 

English - In Spring Term 2, we will be exploring Stories from a Range of other Cultures.  We will be looking at which countries the stories are from, the characters, setting and events which take place.  At the end of the unit all the children will write 
their own story based on one of the texts.  You can find many Stories from a Range of Other Cultures on the Internet.  

The children may enjoy sharing Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne, A Balloon for Grandad by Nigel Gray, or The Honey Hunters by Francesca Martin with you at home.

We will then be looking at the pattern and rhyme in Poetry, which is always very enjoyable.

Maths - In Maths, this half term, we are looking at Measurement.  Through this topic we will be learning about the different standard units used to measure different things, such as length/height, mass/weight, capacity/volume, time and money.  You can support a lot of these topics at home through day to day activities, eg. looking at the value of coins for money, or looking at the weights on food items you have in your cupboards.

Science - In Science, we will be continuing to find  out about the different properties of everday materials and will carry out some investigations to see which materials is the best for a particular task. eg. for an umbrella or a crash mat for a toy to land on.  Year 1 have enjoyed the work they have done so far in this topic and are very enthusiastic when carrying out Scientific investigations.

History - Our History Topic in Spring Term 2 is very exciting.  We are learning about the Wright Brothers and their invention, the plane.  We will be travelling back in time to 1903 to see where aviation began.  Very exciting!

Things we are doing in class that you can do at home:
  •  Ask your child to count as many objects as they can find - this could be at home, in the car or even on the way to school. 
  • Challenge them further by giving a number to count up or down from. 
  • You can use the 100 splat square at home.
  • If you still want a further challenge, try counting from 0 to 100 and 100 to 0 in 2's, 5's or 10's under 3 minutes.
  • If you write your own labels, captions or stories; bring them in to show the rest of the class.
  • Read other books in addition to your class reading book (Library, Comics, online).
  • Use our list of links to Useful Websites to help at home.

Could you also please ensure that all your children's clothing is labelled with their name, especially jumpers.      

Latest News

We are taking part in the Book Trust's Rhyme Challenge again this term.  We hope you have displayed your rhyme sheets to carry on the fun at home. When your child can recite all the rhymes they will receive a Rhyme Challenge certificate. Find out more this event and other ways to support your child's reading by visiting the Book Trust's Ant Club

Useful Websites.

Phonics made easy.

Fun Maths at home.


Free Interactive  Resources.

Phonics Play.

Maths and English Games.

Find a book.

Take a look at Year 1's Gallery. 


Pentecost Role Play - God sends the Holy Spirit

Super Heroes meet Real Life Heroes - Y1 Trip on Super Hero Day to Croxteth Fire Station as part of our topic The Great Fire of London

Let's Go Fly a Kite - Y1 at Croxteth Park flying kites linked to our History topic on The Wright Brothers