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Year 2

Welcome to Mrs Slade's Class!


Welcome to class 2S. Class 2S is taught by
Mrs Slade and Mrs James. This is a mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class. There are seventeen Year 2 children and five Year 1 children.

Here are some of the things that we do through the week:

  • Every Thursday and Friday we have PE so don't forget your kit.
  • Spellings are given out on Thursday and tested the following Thursday
  • Homework is given out as best fits with what we are doing in class, sometimes it will be a "go and find out about..." type homework, or a "learn this" type or on other occasions a "complete this". Normally homework is expected to be handed in (or in a long project the progress is monitored) a week after it has been given.

Maths homework for Summer 2 is to learn your times tables. Start with the two times tables and then go on to ten and five times tables. When you know those, work on your three and four times tables.

Our homework project for term Summer 2 is called "Kenya". Use your project book to record any information that interests you about Kenya. This is your project and so the idea is that you follow your own interests. You can write, draw, take photographs or make collages. The style of presentation is completely up to you. The objective is to research, learn and present to others geographical information.

What is coming up in July?

Sports day will be towards the end of term. The date has yet to be fixed because we need to work with the weather!
Children will be visiting their new classes and meeting their new teacher's as soon as possible. This is particularly exciting for Y2 as they are moving into the Junior part of the school. Year 1 children in my class will be reunited with the current Year 1 class and they will all become the new Year 2 class.

What happened in June?

June has been very busy. Here are some of the highlights.

Acorn Farm came to visit our EYFS. They asked us to join in with the fun. We learnt a lot about caring for animals.

We had a Cake Bake Off with the rest of the school. Mr Towey was the judge and he had to try a slice of every cake! We won the competition and so we will have a party as a reward.

There was a whole school celebration of all things French. We tasted some lovely French food.

We went to the museum of Liverpool as a link with our art topic. We looked at work by Ben Johnson. We are studying, in particular, his Cityscape and I hope we will be inspired to create our own.

Have a look at the gallery pictures at the bottom of this page.

What happened in May?

This month we celebrated our community links with India with a whole week devoted to finding out about India. We found out about the geography, food, culture and religions of the country. Our celebrations ended in a wonderful assembly led by our Indian school community. The teachers and Indian families wore traditional Indian clothes. I felt very elegant dressed head to foot in the most beautiful silk robes. We found out about Indian designs and printing. We decorated our own cotton "India week" bag and we each took a bag home as a keepsake. Alisha's family made some delicious food for the class to try. We had a wonderful week.  

What happened in April?

We had a visiting drama group bring a production of Treasure Island to our school. It was fantastic. Lots of people pretended to be pirates for the rest of the day! 

What happened in March?

We opened the new library just in time for World Book Day. Come and visit it. It's fantastic!

We celebrated World Book Day by sharing our favourite books in assembly, making personalised bookmarks, going to the new library and, of course, taking home our valuable book vouchers.

Reading Revolutionaries Road Show visited the school and we now have reading ambassadors promoting the enjoyment of reading for pleasure. They meet at least once a week to share their enjoyment of books with others.

We celebrated World Science Day with a whole school assembly in which everyone dressed as a scientist. Class 2s decided to  try to answer the question "Why don't people in Australia fall off the Earth?" Our investigation took us into putting Lego people on globes, jumping in the air to see if we could stay there and juggling balls. We learnt about gravity and also most of us learnt that we can't juggle!

It was lovely to see so many parents at Parents Evening, but don't forget if you couldn't come, you can still contact the office and make an appointment. Both parents and teachers can make a difference in children's lives, but the biggest impact is when we work together.

What happened in February?

In February there were so many exciting things happening, it is hard to know where to start.

We continued our reading journey by celebrating our trip to Norris Green Library, in which children received their own library card to use in any Liverpool library.

In National Storytelling week teachers swapped classes to tell stories to other children. Miss Adshead shared her story with 2S.

Our new library shelving and books were delivered. We unpacked lots of new books and built the shelves.

We have also welcomed parents into school to share reading skills with our children.

If you want to know what we plan to study through the year then please look at the curriculum section of the website. We have English (phonics, handwriting, guided reading, comprehension and writing) and Maths lessons every day.