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Year 3


Welcome to the Summer Term in Year 3!

by Mrs Buckton and Mr Wall 

The topics covered this term are included in the table below. Please do talk to your child about the books they are reading or the  topics they are studying in school. At the moment we have just finished playscripts and are now embarking on a mission to write an information text on our history topic, The Ancient Egyptians. Please be patient as this will be a masterpiece worth waiting for!

I hope the children are playing some of our maths games at home with you. For most of our games you just need playing cards or a dice.

Mr Wall is working hard to encourage the children to continue to read and we are improving our reading rocket to see who can read the most books in a term! Good Luck everyone!




Below is an over view of what Year 3 are currently learning and this will be updated to include our new topics in Summer 2.


What are we learning in Year 3?




Information Texts 




Applying Number skills



Animals including Humans

Healthy Living


The Ancient Egyptians



DT Food and Nutrition











Word Processing

Copying and pasting pictures




What we expect in year 3:

  • Children to be reading a variety of different text types (newspapers, instructions, recipes, non-fiction text etc) for at least 10 minutes everyday. 
  • Children to have their book bag in school EVERYDAY
  • Children to practice their times tables most days
  • Children to practice spellings daily
  • Children to practice Handwriting at home
  • Children to have correct school PE kit in school at all times ( Plain white T-shirt, blue  shorts and pumps - when outdoors in the colder weather, tracksuit and trainers)
  • Children to bring their water bottles filled every morning and take it home every evening.
  • Homework to be completed and handed in every Friday in the correct homework book.  Homework must be presented to a high standard and completed in a pencil.
  • Spellings will be sent home on a Friday. Please help your child to learn them by the following Friday.



What you really want and need to know!

  • PE is on a Monday. All children must have the correct PE kit in school.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and is to be returned the following Thursday.
  • Children should read every night and learn their tables and spellings for a weekly spelling and tables test on Fridays.
  • Home-readers will be changed at least once a week (ask your child about the new 'Reading Rocket'
  • Milk can still be bought for 75p a week



If you have any problems, please see any of the adults at the end of the day. We will always try to sort your problem out after all the children have been safely released. Please be mindful that on some nights the staff will be running after school clubs.