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The Nursery team are:

Mrs Taylor
Mrs Duggen


The Nursery page will regularly be updated with useful information and photographs.  If there is anything that you would like to be included on our web page, please let us know.


Useful information:
Session times -  8.45 am - 11.45 am

Please ensure your child arrives on time and you are at the gate in good time to pick them up.


When your child comes into Nursery we have our daily finger gym - this helps improve fine motor control and helps strengthen the muscles to help them become good writers. 

After registration and a small group activity, the children will be able to explore  our indoor/outdoor continuous provision. The children will be supported and challenged as they play. The continuous provision reflects the children's interests and is constantly changing to in line with their changing needs.

We then have snack together. This is a time for adults and children to talk together and learn about each other. We love this time as it really helps us get to know the children.

After snack time,  we gather in small groups for fun activities, songs and stories. It is then time for the children to go home and tell their adults what that they have done. 




Autumn 1


The children will spend time getting to know their new class friends and exploring the Nursery.  The children will spend time exploring what makes them special.  It is important that we provide a curriculum based on the children's interests so we will be spending lots of time getting to know the children.

Come and See RE Autumn Tearm

Autumn Term - Me, Myself and I

Fundamental British Values


The fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs are already implicitly embedded in the 2014 Early Years Foundation Stage. 

In the Nursery we strive to set the foundations of fundamental British values in a way that is relevant to their age and stage of development.


  • We teach children to be kind and respectful of others;
  • We teach children about the world around them and use the seasons, weather, British special days, etc. to plan meaningful learning experiences;
  • We teach children to be part of their local community;
  • We plan to celebrate festivals and mark special days from the world around us;
  • We teach the children about compromise – that some of us believe one thing and some of us believe something different, but we can all play together in the same  classroom and respect each other;
  • We teach children to work together.  We provide them with projects that involve everyone in the class.  We plan group activities where children learn to listen, take turns and value contributions from each other.
  • We teach children about the world in which they live – the world on their doorstep and the wider world;
  • We teach children to listen to and respect each other.