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Welcome to our Reception class page!

On this web page we will be putting lots of information about all the exciting things we will be doing throughout the year. Remember to keep in touch with us through Class dojo were regular updates of what is going on in class will be shared. 

 Mrs Southern - Class Teacher

Mrs Fairclough - Nursery Nurse

Mrs Edwards - Teaching Assistant

Miss Carrison - Apprentice 


Week Beginning 16/5/22


Positive contributions and challenge are the words that spring out from Reception this week.


Lennon, you have made positive contributions to group work, especially Phonics, this week - well done!


Amelia J, you have been challenging yourself in Reading and Writing this week - that is excellent to see.

Week Beginning 9/5/22


Erin, well-done for the excellent contributions that you have made to Maths lessons this week.


Jack B, we are all so pleased to see the amount of effort that you are putting in to improving your handwriting and the presentation of your work.


Keep it up, both of you.

Week Beginning 2/5/22


Well done Jensen for your excellent behaviour this week and for being a fantastic role model to the rest of the class.


Alexis, it is wonderful to see you challenging yourself in school in the activities that you are attempting.


You will have a fantastic day on Friday looking at and learning about the animals from the Animobile!

We planted sunflower seeds. Look how much they have grown already!

Week Beginning 28/3/22


Daisy, you have done so well with your independent writing this week. Well done.


John, you have shown such a positive attitude to all your learning this week.

18.03.22 - We loved our Yoga bears session with Elly on Friday.

Week Beginning 21/3/22


Jacus, well done for the increased confidence that you have shown in your communication and language this week.


Skyla, it has been lovely to see you working so hard on your phonics. 


Well done; keep it up!

Red Nose Day 2022

Week Beginning 14/3/22


George it is lovely to see how you are coming on with your communicating with adults in school.  You have put so much effort in this week.


Sienna, it is lovely to see how helpful you are around school to both adults and other children.  You make school a happier place by being so considerate.

Block Play - Building famous buildings

Week Beginning 7/3/22


The children who have won certificates from Mrs Southern this week are Thomas who has participated so well in his lessons this week and Nicholas who has shown such an improved attitude this week and has shown consideration to other pupils.


Well done you two, it is wonderful to see you both maturing and taking responsibility for you own learning.

03.03.22 - World Book Day

01.03.22 - Pancake Tuesday - we flipped pancakes and had some for our snack.

Week Beginning 28/2/22

Well done Lily  and Jaxon.  It was great to see the way you joined in so enthusiastically with our visitors from As Creatives this week to work together on a poem

Week Beginning 14/2/22


What great news to hear this week about two children who have stood out because of their excellent behaviour and their progress in phonics - Layla and Jude, we are so proud of you both.

Week Beginning 7/2/22


Thomas well done for receiving a certificate this week for your attention and listening skills.


Jack, it was so pleased to hear about your excellent behavior.


Both of you - keep it up!

Chinese New Year creative activities

Week Beginning 31/1/22 


Well done Lewis on trying so hard this week with your handwriting - keep on showing as much effort and you will notice lots of progress.


Thank you Jayden for contributing so much to our understanding of the Lunar New Year.

Visit from Fr John

Week Beginning 24/1/22


It is lovely to hear how well you are settling in to our school, Jensen.


Layla, what a wonderful role model you are to others with your excellent behaviour.

Week Beginning 17/1/22


Well done Jason for continuing your learning at home.  It is always so nice to hear about children using the skills that they have learnt at school in their homes.


Ibrahim, you have worked so well this week with your magnetic letters to make words - well done!

Week Beginning 10/1/22


Julen, it was so nice to hear how you have persevered so well this week with your work.  Keep it up!


King, well done for trying so hard to participate in activities this week.

Week Beginning 3/1/22


Well done to Kendall for being kind and considerate to others and Amelia who has joined in with activities this week with much more enthusiasm.  You deserve tour certificates from Mrs Southern!

Golden Letter Winners


Well done to John and Jude for being the recipients of this term's Golden Letters!


John was recognised for his keen enthusiastic approach to all that he attempts in school, and Jude for managing his feelings and emotions - that will make you a resilient learner if you keep it up.


Great news and well done both of you.

Children in Need 19.11.21 We thoroughly enjoyed working out with Joe Wickes.

Week beginning 15.11.21


Cian it has been a pleasure watching you show interest in some of our activities this week. 

Jacus we are delighted with the progress you are making in your phonics; in particular with recognition of letter sounds. 

15.11.21 Odd socks day - Today we came into school wearing odd socks to represent how unique we all are.

We made beautiful poppies for Remembrance Day

Week beginning 08.11.21

Thomas we have been so pleased with your progress in daily phonics this week. Well done and keep up the hard work. 

Holly we love spending time in the role play areas with you as you make play so fun and imaginative. 

We made Firework pictures using teabags, paint and glitter.

Week beginning 01.11.21 

Well done to Daisy for trying really hard with her letter sounds in phonics this week. 

Jason you are such a kind, caring boy who always has a smile on his face. 
Well done to you both for your hard work this week. 

RWI Phonics learning to blend

03.11.21 - Playing movement games with LSSP sports coach

Week beginning 18.10.21

 A big well done to Sienna for your hard work in phonics this week. 

George it is so lovely to see you joining in and taking part in our activities. 
Well done to you both. 

Week beginning 11.10.21 

Skylar you are such a happy and positive little girl who always puts a smile on our faces. 

Jack L you always have such beautiful manners. 

A big well done to you both.

Week beginning 04/10/2021

Well done Amelia for receiving your certificate for trying so hard in all we do in class. 

Jaxon you are a superstar for always being super helpful, well done. 

08/10/21 - Wearing yellow to support and raise awareness of World Mental Health Day

Making Autumn leaf catchers


Week beginning 27/09/21

A big well done to Alexis for receiving a certificate for being so kind, caring and considerate. 

Well done John you received your certificate for showing enthusiasm in all we do. 

Keep up the hard work. 

Enjoying P.E. In the hall with Mrs O’Brien

Week beginning 20/09/21

This week in Reception Jack and Layla were chosen for certificates.
Jack for being so kind and such a wonderful friend.

Layla for growing in confidence and joining in with group activities. 
A big well done to you both!


Week beginning 13.09.21 

This weeks certificate winners were:


Thomas Harwood - For settling into school life and beginning to follow our rules and routines well. 


Jude Smith - For always coming into school with a smile. 

Week Beginning 6/9/21


Wow! What a week it has been for our new Reception children!


When it came to choose two stars of the week Mrs Southern just couldn't pick two.  The whole class have been so good that she had to award her certificate to the whole class.


That's brilliant Reception!  Well done on a great week settling in to our school.