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Year 3

Week Commencing 10/1/22


Tomith, you deserve your certificate this week for your care and consideration to others.


Rose, be very proud of yourself for winning a certificate this week for your hard work and effort.  Well done!

Week Commencing 3/1/22


Well done Nellie, Miss Williams has been so pleased with the amount of effort and thought that you have put in to your work this week.  Keep up the hard work!


Kaiden, Miss Williams isn't the only adult in school who has noticed how well-mannered and considerate you are.  It is lovely to see.

Golden Letter Winners


Well done to Layla and Tomith for being the recipients of this term's Golden Letters for Year 3.


You were both picked by Miss Williams for exactly the same reasons - you try your best at everything and set excellent examples to others in your class. 


Great news and well done both of you.

Week Commencing 6/12/21


Rhys I loved hearing about how you have deployed coping strategies this week to improve your resilience (you are putting the 7Cs in to practice).


Also, it was great to see Tyler trying so hard to improve his handwriting this week.

Week Commencing 29/11/21


Mason, you have been chosen for a certificate this week by Miss Williams because of the contributions that you have made to learning this week, especially your well-thought out questions.


Louis, Miss Williams also chose you because of the care and kindness that you have demonstrated to others.

Week Commencing 22/11/21


Nellie, it was so nice to hear about why you won one of Miss Williams's certificates this week - for your positive contribution to lessons.  It is so nice to see pupils striving for the 7Cs.


Tomith, you set an excellent example every week in your behaviour - well done to you!

Week Commencing 15/11/21


Thomas, how wonderful to hear that you have been trying so hard to reach your targets this week.


Ayesha, well done for having the confidence to make more contributions to your learning this week.  That's two of the 7Cs that you've tried to demonstrate.



Week Commencing 8/11/21


Another great week for Year 3 because:


it was a representative of this class that was picked for Mr Doyle's certificate for his consideration and kindness to someone who needed assistance this week;



and Miss Williams was the winner for the staff attendance.


In addition, Oskar was chosen by his class teacher for meeting his targets this week and Ben for showing more confidence in his Maths.


Well done.

Week Commencing 1/11/21


Nova, you have been chosen this week because you have been so helpful to others in your class this week.  it is always so pleasing to hear of children caring for each other in this way.


Ann Mary, Miss Williams was really impressed with your thank you letter this week to Chester Zoo, with a wide range of punctuation.  What lovely manners and a very good piece of writing.  



Week Commencing 18/10/21


Year 3 had a very enjoyable museum trip this week to reinforce their learning from their history topic on the Stone-Age.  It was so pleasing to hear from museum staff and the adults who accompanied our children that their behaviour was exemplary.


Miss Williams awarded her certificates this week to Thomas for a well-written piece of extended writing and to Millie who has practised her reading in school and at home.


Week beginning 11/10/21


Well done Milla and Elliot for being chosen by their classmates this week to receive the certificates.


Milla was chosen because she was recognised as a wonderful role-model and Elliot for settling in to our school so well.



Week Beginning 4/10/21


Lula, your contributions to lessons have been amazing this week. Positive contributions is one of our 7Cs and it is lovely to see following them by your participation in class.


Milan, you have worked so hard at your handwriting this week.  Well done on your effort and attitude. 

Week Beginning 27/09/21


Rose, you have been chosen by Miss Williams this week for the beautiful prayer that you wrote in your RE lesson and James, I was so pleased when Miss told me about your resilience in Maths lessons this week. Congratulations to both of you.  Keep up the great work.

Week Beginning 20/09/21


Milla, what a great week this has been for you and your sister! You have also been chosen this week as a certificate winner for the same reason - wonderful, well-presented creative writing!  Well done!


Gabriel, Miss Williams has been so impressed by your problem solving  in Maths this week.  It's great news to hear that you are working so hard at your Maths.

Week Beginning 13/09/21


Year 3, you have settled so well in to the Juniors: it is such a delight to see!


Two people have really shone this week: Anthony for his enthusiasm and his positive contribution to the classroom and Layla, who sets such a good example to other pupils. 


We can tell already that you are going to be such an asset to the Juniors in our school.

Week Beginning 6/9/21


Year 3, you have settled in to the Juniors so well,  We are all very proud of you.


Two pupils in particular have stood out for Miss Williams this week are Jasmine who has shown a very positive attitude and and Larna, whose descriptive writing has really impressed.


Keep up the great work Year 3!