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Welcome to Mrs Southern's and Miss Lowery's Class!

The early years curriculum is based on learning through exploration and play. There are a number of ways you can help your child to learn and make progress:
  • Always be on time.
  • Good attendance
  • Home reading
  • Point out numbers and letters in the environment. 
  • count at every opportunity
  • Talk to your child about the world around them.
  • Ask your child what he / she has been doing in school.
Reception children have settled in really well into their new classroom and have been really busy getting to know each other and the new daily routines. 
We have started our P.E. sessions and children tried so hard to dress and undress independently. 
We have had so much fun already as you can see in our photographs below. 

19th October we made healthy wraps which tasted delicious.

0th October - Den building day with Graham Marsden. We had such a fantastic day and not only had fun but also learnt lots of techniques of how to attach canes, materials and join pieces together not forgetting the den builders squeeze. We worked as a team to make a big ship and set sail to Japan. 

Throughout this half term we have had a spooky theme in class and have even made our own haunted house role play in class. We have been looking at Meg and Mog books as well as Winnie the Witch stories. We have been making up our own magic spells and potions in our role play area and collecting items which rhyme. 

A big well done to all nursery and reception children who took part in the 'World Nursery Rhyme week'. The rhymes we chanted each day were: The Grand old duke of York, Horsie, Horsie, Ring o ring o roses, 1-2-3-4-5 once I caught a fish alive. 

Christmas activity day - 03.12.15
Thank you to all parents who came in and took part in our activity afternoon. We had such a lovely time and I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children (see photographs below). 

The children have enjoyed setting up 'The Three bears cottage' and looking at the story in great detail. 
Chinese New Year
We have been looking at lots of different Celebrations as part of our R.E. topic but over the last couple of weeks we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We have set up a Chinese restaurant in class, tasted Chinese food and made our own class dragon. 
Thank you to all the parents who came to our craft afternoon as part of National Storytelling week. We shared the story 'Cleversticks' and then made Chinese lanterns and a collage dragon. 
Year 6 children came to our class to read chosen stories to us. We really enjoyed listening to them read as you can see in the photographs below. 

This half term we are learning all about Pirates.
We have decided to build our own pirate ship outside. 

A big well done to all Reception children who completed their homework over the half term break. I was really impressed to see so many children taking their learning further and making 3d models which are displayed in our classroom. If you haven't completed it yet, its not too late. 



Welcome back after having a lovely Easter break. This half term our topic is Dinosaurs. 

Dinosaurs are currently taking over every area within our classroom. 

We are also leaning about 'Good News' in R.E. if you have any good news you would likes to share with our class please let us know. 

Our class page will be updated regularly with photographs and useful information. If there is anything you would like to see on our page feel free to let us know. 

Making fruit smoothies - 06.07.16

Sponsored skip for British Heart Foundation - 04.07.16

Army Day - 16.06.16

Saying goodbye to our beautiful butterflies! - 19.05.16

Boy's reading club - after school each Wednesday in our school library from 3.00pm until 4.00pm

Enjoying our new bikes

We have been looking after caterpillars in our class which have now all turned into cocoons. Ask your child about their progress or pop into class and take a look for yourself.  

Our sunflowers have started to grow

Easter bonnet Parade

Easter bonnet Parade

Fundamental British Values


The fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs are already implicitly embedded in the 2014 Early Years Foundation Stage. 


In the Nursery we strive to set the foundations of the fundamental British values in way that is relevant to their age and stage of development.


 We teach children to be kind, helpful and respectful of others;

• We teach children about the world around them and use the seasons, weather, British special days, e.t.c. to plan meaningful learning experiences;

• We teach children to be part of their local community;

 We plan to celebrate festivals and mark special days from the world around us;

• We teach the children about compromise – that some of us believe one thing… some of us believe something totally different… but we can all play together in the same classroom and respect each other;

• We teach children to work together – we provide them with projects that involve everyone in the provision and we plan group times, where children learn to listen, take turns and value contributions from others. 

• We teach children about the world in which they live – the world on their doorstep and the wider world – through books, posters, planned activities, resources, outings and much more;

• We teach children to listen and respect others.