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Year 4

Week Beginning 31/10/22


Ayesha and Elliott, you deserve your certificates this week because of your conduct around school and effort in class.  Well done for working so hard on your new Sustainability Topic

Week Beginning 17/10/21


Anthony, well done for being such a kind, considerate member of the class this week.


Thomas, your approach to your own learning has been so good this week - keep it up!

Week Commencing 19/9/22


Rhys, it has been so nice to hear about how you have been working independently this week and producing work to the best of your ability.


Oskar, well done for working so well this week and aiming to make progress.


A massive well done to Year 4 for winning the attendance certificate this week.  Your figure of 99.1% is brilliant - well done.

Week Commencing 12/9/22


Year 4 are another class with three certificate winners this week: Ben was chosen for his work in History: Thomas for his work on writing poems: and Rose for showing consideration in helping others.

Week Commencing 5/9/22


Nellie, well done for starting the new school year off with such a positive attitude to home-reading - keep it up!


Nikolas, you too have started the year off in a very positive frame of mind - well done.

Week Commencing 11/7/22


Tarik, well done for the improvement that you have shown in Maths and English.


Imogen, your peers have acknowledge that you are always a kind and thoughtful person: what wonderful qualities to be recognised for.


Well done Year 4 for winning the best attendance for the half-term - AGAIN.


Sector 8, here we come! 

Week Commencing 4/7/22


Tomiya, you are a kind and considerate person at all times - thank you for being so thoughtful of others.


Natalia, you have made a conscious effort this week to be responsible for your learning and behaviour.  Well done.

Week Beginning 27/6/22


Mason, you deserve credit for the resilience that you have shown in working on decimals this week in Maths.


Maria, your cheerful attitude has been a real asset to school this week.


Ricky, you were chosen for Mr Doyle's certificate this week because of your respectful attitude in Mass.

Week Commencing 20/6/22


Rhys, I am so pleased to hear about how you use time in school to read independently when you have the chance - that is excellent.


Delroy, you deserve recognition for the kindness that you have shown to others this week.


Congratulations Year 4 on winning the attendance certificate again.  I am so pleased that you reached the 97% figure.  You could be heading back to Sector 8!

Week Commencing 13/6/22


Max, it was wonderful to hear a Supply Teacher mention your name for your helpful and kind attitude to them when they visited our school this week.


Lily P, you too were a great asset and ambassador for our school with your responsible attitude when Supply Teachers were in class this week.


Tomiya, you are always an exemplary pupil in all areas of the school.

Week Commencing 16/5/22


Emmanuel, we talk about resilience a lot in school, so it is so nice when we see it happening in classes.  Your perseverance to master fractions of quantities this week has been an example to us all.


Imogen, you have not only demonstrated your kind, considerate behaviour in our school this week but also on your visits to other schools this week.  Thank you for being such a good ambassador for our school.

Week Commencing 9/5/22


Well done Sairah for settling in to our school so well.


Mikey, you have demonstrated real skill across the curriculum this week, but particularly in English with your personification in writing.


Mr Doyle has chosen someone his week for their ability to make him laugh - humour is an excellent coping strategy when we feel stressed, so thank you.



Best wishes to all our Year 4s who are making their First Holy Communions on Friday 13 May.  You were in our thoughts and prayers during our morning assembly.

Week Commencing 2/5/22


Zarin, you have shown yourself to be a caring role model to the rest of the class this week.  It is lovely to see our children living out our school motto!


Logan, thank you for deciding to speak to our school visitors this week.  It was lovely to see you being so confident and polite to them.

Week Commencing 28/3/22


Tomiya, I can't wait to read your "twisted narrative" based on the fantastic plan that you have drawn up this week.


Delroy, well done for being so positive in your reading this week.

Week Commencing 21/3/22


Max, you have been a fantastic role model to the rest of the class this week.


Lily C, you have demonstrated such a resilience of character this week in Computing.  It was been wonderful to see such determination to succeed. Also, well done for continuing your Art work from lessons at home.


I have been so please to see someone's sensible behaviour on the playground this week.




Micheal, well done for making up your own games on Purple Mash.


Week Beginning 14/3/22


Imogen, you have shown yourself to be a fantastic historian and geographer this week in the research that you carried out about our neighbourhood and its history.


Natalia, how wonderful to her about your growth in confidence and the progress that you are making in working independently.  Well done, keep it up!

Week Commencing 7/3/22


Max, you have shown a real passion for learning this week and take such an interest in your own learning.


Aaron, it is lovely to see how you are using Zones of Regulation to regulate yourself in class which is helping you to become much more focused on your learning.  This is a really good way to make progress.

Week Commencing 28/2/22


Well done Tarik for focusing so well on your learning this week.  You will notice yourself making excellent progress if you can keep this up.


Lily C, what a wonderfully creative costume you made for World Book Day.  It was so lovely to see your creativity in action.

Week Commencing 14/2/22


Lily P, thank you for demonstrating your consideration towards others this week.  That's the type of attitude that makes our school a happy place.


Zarin, teachers love it when they see a child who learns knowledge or a skill in one lesson applying what they have learnt in another lesson: no wonder Miss Adshead is so pleased with you. 

Week Commencing 7/2/22


Maria, I loved the word that Miss Adshead used to describe your learning this week - you have immersed yourself in learning.  Well done.


Emmanuel, it was lovely to hear how supportive and helpful you have been this week towards your classmates. 

Week Beginning 31/1/22


Rhys, well done for showing such resilience in your learning this week - that will really help you to progress.


Logan, Miss Henderson has been so impressed with how well you have joined in with Phonics this week.


Oscar, I am so pleased that Miss Adshead has noticed improved effort from you - keep up the good work. 

Week Commencing 24/1/22


Oscar, I was so pleased to hear about your enthusiasm in English lessons this week and about how you have been trying to apply the knowledge that you have learnt in your writing.


Ricky, I saw the pictures of your class's Maths lessons on Twitter - well done for working so well.


Well done Year 4 for:


i) having the best attendance across the school this week;

ii) and beating the 97% barrier again!


With a figure of 98.4%, you are the best attendance winners for the second week running!


Week Beginning 17/1/22


Michael, Miss Adshead and I are so pleased at the way that you have been working at your phonics.  You should be so proud of the progress that you are making.


Micheál, well done for writing such a good play script - that is such a good talent to have.


Well done to the whole of Year 4 for being the best attenders this week - and you beat the magic 97% figure.  With an attendance of 98.5%, well done!

Week Commencing 10/1/22


William, well done for the recognition that you have received this week for your improved handwriting.


Nikolas, it is always nice to hear about a pupil who applies the skills from one curriculum area in another: well done for using your English skills to decipher the meaning of historical terms.


Frances, Mrs R would like to say thank you and give you her weekly certificate for your kind poem from your ENglish lesson.




Week Commencing 3/1/22


Mikey, Miss Adshead was not only very please with the enthusiasm that you put in to acting during English lessons this week, but also with the way that you encouraged and helped others.


Natalia, Mrs Radford and I were so please when we heard that you had been nominated for a certificate this week due to your helping attitude and the way that you have participated in lessons this week.  Keep it up!


Maria, you were chosen by Mrs Radford this week for her certificate because of your constant conscientious attitude.


Golden Letter Winners


Well done to Imogen and Rhys for being the recipients of this term's Golden Letters for Year 4.


Imogen, you have been recognised for your hard work, your "smiley" attitude and being a good classmate to others.


Rhys, Miss Adhead chose you because you apply what you have learnt and are a resilient learner.


Great news and well done both of you.

Week Commencing 6/12/21


Ricky, it has been lovely to hear about how you have shown consideration towards others this week.


Tarik, you have impressed Miss Adshead with your thoughtful attitude.


WOW Year 4! You have won the best attendance certificate for the second consecutive week this week.  With a brilliant attendance of 98.2% - well done Year 4.


Week Commencing 29/11/21


Year 4, we have received so much positive feedback from your families and your class this week on the work that you did as part of the One Goal project.


Lilly C you have impressed with your perseverance in working on syllabic poetry this week and Emmanuel you jave also impressed with the way that you have challenged yourself in lessons.







Week Commencing 22/11/21


Nikolas was chosen this week for his effort and hard work in Maths and Maria because she is always an exemplary pupil.


This week has been a brilliant week for Year 4 because:


they won the best attendance with an impressive 99.1%;


they were the winners of Mrs Radford's certificate for their kindness and consideration towards her;


and Miss Adshead won the teachers attendance award!


Week Commencing 15/11/21


Max, it was so lovely to hear Miss Adshead talking about your independent reading this week and the fact that you enjoy reading so much.  It is pleasing to see that you are challenging yourself too in the reading materials that you are choosing.


Zarin, thank you for the work that you have done this week on behalf of the Eco-Club by volunteering to keep our school environment free of litter. 

Week Commencing 8/11/21


Well done to Oscar for his fantastic hard work in Maths this week (rounding to 10s. 100s, 100s and 10,000) and Tomiya who gives her absolute best to everything she does.

Our Learning

Chester Zoo 2021

Week Commencing 1/11/21


Michael, we are all so proud of you this week for the fantastic work that you have done on comparing 4-digit numbers.


All of Year 4 were chosen by Miss Adshead this week for the way in which they conducted themselves at Chester Zoo.


Year 4 were also chosen by Mrs Radford this week when she heard what another school said about our Year 4s at the zoo this week ( a teacher from another school complimented them on their excellent conduct).


Week commencing 18/10/21


Miss Adshead was so impressed with the work her class have done this week based on "There's a Rang-tan in our Classroom" in readiness for the forthcoming trip to Chester Zoo.


Micheál's emotional piece of writing deserves special mention and Aaron too who paid particular attention to his handwriting.


The recipient of Mr Doyle's certificate this week for his continual exemplary behaviour was also a Year 4 pupil.  Well done Mikey.


Week beginning 11/10/21


This week it was the children who decided which of their peers deserved the class certificates, and it was Maso, for his kindness, and Frances for always setting a wonderful example, who were chosen. It was lovely to see your classmates recognising such admirable qualities.

Week Beginning 4/10/21


Natalia, well done on your positive attitude to learning this week.  That is one way to show that you are developing resilience.  Keep it up: we are so proud of you.


Mikey, your knowledge and understanding in Maths this week as been amazing to see.

Week Beginning 27/09/21


Wow Year 4 - you broke the 99% barrier with your attendance this week. Fantastic - keep it up.



I've heard that Imogen has been like a "mini-teacher" this week as she has been so helpful in Maths when working on Time this week, and Rhys, Miss Adshead is so pleased with the dedication that you have shown towards your phonics this week.  Well done.


Aaron, Mrs Radford was so please when you spoke to her in your Maths lesson this week and explained that you like Power Maths so much because you find it challenging.

Week Beginning 20/09/21


Lilyanna, Miss Adshead has been so impressed with your confidence in class this week (and your kindness).  Confidence is one of our 7 Cs of Resilience and I am always happy when children put them in to practice.


Logan, you have made your teacher and myself (and the other members of our school community) so happy this week because you obviously listened so well during Monday's assembly and you have made so many right choices this week.  Well done Logan - keep it up!


Maria, Mrs Radford and I were so delighted to read your writing from your English lesson this week.  The presentation and content of your writing was excellent - so much so that Mrs Radford chose you for her certificate this week.  We can't wait to see it published on the school website!



Week Beginning 13/09/21


It is obvious when you visit this class that so many pupils are trying their best to live up to our Code of Conduct.  Keep up the effort YEAR 4; it is wonderful to see.


Delroy has really impressed Miss Adshead this week with his work on fractions.  He has remembered so much of what he learnt in Year 3 and has used this knowledge to build on his understanding for Year 4.


Maria has written some excellent pieces of work in English this week.  I can't wait to see your work published on the school website Maria.

Week Beginning 6/9/21


It has been a brilliant week for Year 4.


Firstly, they won the best attendance certificate. Fantastic Year 4 - and you did it with an excellent figure of 99.2%! Wow - keep up the brilliant attendance.


William and Liliana were the winners of Miss Adshead's teacher certificates.  William for his inquisitive mind and Lilaina for settling in so well and making herself a positive member of our community so quickly.