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Structuring a News Report
Read the news report and mark where you think a new paragraph should begin. Remember,  every time you give a new piece of information about the story, including quotes, you should begin a new paragraph.

Women in Iran will be allowed to attend football matches, Fifa have announced, starting with a World Cup qualifier next month. Fifa president Gianni Infantino said that he talked about this issue with Iranian authorities earlier this month. At a Fifa conference on Sunday, Infantino said: "We have been assured that women will be allowed to enter football stadiums from the next international game in Iran." Female sport fans have been banned from watching matches in stadiums in Iran since 1981. This is because authorities in Iran believe women need to be kept safe from the aggressive atmosphere in stadiums. Infantino highlighted the need for progress in sport in Iran: "We need to have women attending, we need to push for that, with respect but in a strong and forceful way. We cannot wait anymore."