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Welcome to Mrs Southern's
and Miss Lowery's Class!

The early years curriculum is based on learning through exploration and play.
There are a number of ways you can help your child to learn and make progress:
  • Always be on time, be in the line for five to nine.
  • Good attendance - make sure your child is in school everyday.
  • Home reading
  • Point out numbers  / letters in the environment
  • Count at every opportunity.
  • Talk to your child about the world around them.
  • Ask your child what he / she has been doing in school. 
Reading should be done daily for at least 5 minutes at home, talking about what they liked / disliked, learning new sounds and words in box and sharing home reading book.

This half term we are concentrating on counting and writing numbers to 20 and beyond. We are also learning to use a number line to count on and we are learning how to add groups of objects. We are learning shape names and properties.

We have PE on a Mondays. School PE kits are required to be brought in on those days. See uniform pages. Please make sure EVERY item of clothing has your child's NAME in it. 

Building fund is 50p per child per week.
Snack money is £1 per child per week.
Milk money is 75p per child per week.
Total £2.25 per child per week.
Please send in All money in an envelope with your CHILD'S NAME ON,the amount and what it is for.

If you have any worries or concerns about your child, please see me at the end of the school day or ring to make an appointment.

Any experiences you or your child would like to share with us are more than welcome. In class we love to hear all about family interests and experiences.

We are developing our love for stories focusing on reading for pleasure. Reception children will be taking home both reading books and a story book of their choice to share at home. Please note in your child's reading record whether your child enjoyed the story, what they liked best, characters they liked or disliked and why. If you would like anymore information on how to support your child when reading at home please let us know. 

Reception Planning

Welcome back after a lovely half term break. This half term our topic is 'Wider World'. Throughout this topic we will be looking at our close environment and places we have visited or would like to visit. 

All week we have been looking at the book 'Handa's Suprise'. We know the book is set in Kenya and found it on the globe. We have been writing lists of the different fruits and animals from the story and enjoyed tasting them. 
We have also been looking at famous building around the world and constructing them in class. See our photographs below. 

St Philomena's Bake off
All children took part in St Philomena's bake off. We all worked together to make our own Victoria sponge cake and then decorate it together. Mr Towie tasted them in assembly and chose 3 winners. Even though we didn't win we were still really proud of our design and it tasted delicious. (17.06.15)

James' American cousins came to our class (19.06.15)
Thank you so much to James' cousins Rosie and Michael who came into our school to tell us all about what it is like living in America. We found out so much and thoroughly enjoyed learning about America. Some things are the same as England such as TV programs whilst other things are so different e.g. you cant walk to the shops, you get a school bus to school each day, weather, you don't wear school uniform and so much more. 

Visit from Acorn Farm (22.06.15)
We had such a fun time in school as Richard and Valerie from Acorn Farm brought the animals to our school. We got to meet goats, lambs, Buzz the rabbit, guinea pig, hen, cockerel, chicks and ducks. 
Not only did we get to touch the animals but we also fed the goats and the lambs. See our photographs below. 

This half term our topic is Dinosaurs. We have been very busy learning all the dinosaur names and know exactly what we would like to learn next. We have changed our role-play area into a dinosaur museum which was Fiyin's idea. In the museum we have been dusting off dinosaur bones, making signs and tickets as well as counting out money to pay for them. We have made our own dinosaur island which you can see in our photographs below. 

We are really lucky as we now have some frogs in class. We have watched the changes carefully from tadpoles into small frogs which has been fascinating. 

All Reception children took part in India Week (week beginning 18.05.15)
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned so much about India. Some activities included designing Rangoli and Mendhi patterns, looking at traditional Indian clothes (Thank you to Fiona), Bollywood dancing, Indian foods and much more. 

Police Visit 22.05.15
In Reception we had a visit from two Police Officers. We talked about lots of interesting things such as strangers and keeping safe. We looked at the Police badge and other important equipment. What we enjoyed most was being able to sit in the Police car and start the siren. It was so loud!! 
See some of our photographs below. 


Kung Hei Fat Choy
We have been learning about Chinese New Year and have set up our own Chinese restaurant in our role play area. We have been really busy writing out menus, our food orders and making Chinese lanterns. 
It was so lovely to speak to so many parents at parents evening this week (02.03.15). If you were unable to attend please feel free to make another


Happy New Year and a big welcome back to all our children.
Thank you for sharing all your lovely stories about how you and your family celebrated Christmas and New Year. 

This half term our topic is 'Pirates' which will provide a focus for learning.
The children have already decided what they would like to do and what they would like to find out. You can see some of the activities we will be doing in our 'Pirates topic web' below.  

Reception children will receive homework each fortnight with some simple tasks to do at home related to what we have been doing in class (See document below).
We look forward to seeing your child's homework book on Tuesday. 

Dental Hygiene
Thank you to Tracy, Karen and Dino the dinosaur who came to our class to talk to us about brushing our teeth and how to do it properly. We were really good at identifying foods that are good for you and foods that we shouldn't eat too often (See our photographs below). 

Library Visit
We visited Norris Green library (28.01.14) and got our own library cards. We really enjoyed our visit and listened to stories, rhymes and even played some instruments. See our photographs below. 

Visit to Church (09.02.15)
Thank you to father Paul for taking us to Church. He told us lots of information about our Parish family and how people celebrate in Church. You can find out about our visit in the document below. 

Pirate Celebration (11.02.15)
o celebrate our topic on 'Pirates' we all came into school dressed up as a pirate even the teachers. We had so much fun. Some of the activities we have taken part in are: talking like a pirate, various pirate challenges, writing messages to put in a bottle, building pirate ships, counting and sharing pirate  treasure and  we even walked the plank. A big thank you to Mrs McGavin who made us the most delicious pirate cakes.
You can see how much fun we had by looking at our photographs below or pop into school and look in our Pirate floor book. 


Over the past few weeks we have been helping Buddy the elf get back to the North Pole and because we completed our challenges Santa invited us to visit him in Croxteth park. We had such a lovely time and we were so excited to see him. Not only did we meet and chat with Santa but we also got to see lots of animals too. Buddy was very busy in Santa's workshop but we got to meet his brother Paul the elf.
You can see how much fun we had by looking at some of our photographs below. 
  • In Reception we are having lots of fun trying to solve a problem. Buddy one of Santa's elves has gone missing and we are currently helping him find his way back to Santa's workshop in the North Pole. If you spot him can you please let us know. 
  • As we follow the children's interests in class we have now changed our role-play area into Santa's workshop. 

  • Each half term the children will experience a different topic or theme.
  • This half term our topic is ‘Nursery Rhymes’.
  • As part of our topic we took part in the 'World Nursery Rhyme Week' 10th November to 14th November. This involved a rhyme a day challenge. Well done to all our early years children who took on this challenge. The rhymes included: I hear thunder, Old King Cole, Oranges and lemons, Hey Diddle, Diddle and 5 currant buns. 

We have had a fun filled half term and have learnt lots of new things. We especially enjoyed making pumpkin soup which you can see from the photographs below. Firstly we read the story Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. We then decided to write a list of all the things we needed to make the soup. We all took turns and helped in some way. We made our own instructions and followed a simple recipe. When it was cooked we shared it out and even Mr Towie tasted it. Afterwards lots of children began to write their own lists, recipes and instructions whilst playing. 

Thank you for your continuing support.

Class Teacher Mrs Southern
Nursery Nurse Miss Lowery

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