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Hello everybody and welcome to Miss Yassin's
and Mrs Duggan's Nursery Class!


It is very important that our children get the best start to their education at Our Lady & St Philomena's Catholic Primary School and we believe that our nursery class provides just that. We have a busy, fun and nurturing environment that is well equipped to be able to help the children develop a range of skills academically and socially.

The children have daily opportunities to play with a range of resources inside and outdoors. Adults also lead sessions where children focus on a particular area of learning. In order to develop early reading and emerging writing in Nursery we follow the 'Letters and Sounds' phonic scheme. We encourage parents to reinforce this learning at home, by using the games provided in the link.
Nursery children will receive homework fortnightly on a Thursday. Homework is to be completed and handed back in to school the following Tuesday. This is when we look at the homework together and celebrate the children's hard work. Homework will be based around learning that has already taken place or about to commence the following week. We are extremely pleased with the homework we have already received from the first week and are looking forward to the following weeks' work.

Summer Term

We hope you had a wonderful break packed with lots of fun. This term our topic is 'Water'. We will be learning and investigating all the different uses for water. To start off our topic we have a class goldfish who lives in water. The nursery children decided to name him Nemo. Please feel free to come into nursery and see Nemo with your child, they are very excited about looking after him and learning all about his water world. 

The bake off
We took part in the school bake off competition. We made a beautiful Victoria sponge cake. We helped mix in all the ingredients and decorate the cake. We had lots of fun and it tasted delicious. We have no idea how Nursery did not win first place with such an amazing cake!

Acorn Farm
We had a visit from Acorn Farm. They brought lots of different animals for us to feed and stroke. Our favourites animals were the lambs, goats and Buzz the albino rabbit; he was very soft.

In Nursery we had a special delivery. When we open the box we found 5 tiny caterpillars. We have watched the caterpillars grow bigger each day. They then turned into cocoons. We patiently waited for them to turn into beautiful butterflies. Once they hatched we set them free in the garden.

Welcome back  we hope you had a lovely Easter break. This term we will be basing our learning around the topic 'animals'. We will look at all types of animals, where they live, what their young our called, what sounds they make and much more. We will have lots of opportunities to further develop our writing and counting skills especially in our new role play 'The Vet'. We will also  be having a visit from the farm animals at nursery and look out for pictures from our Jungle Safari! 

Indian Week
In nursery we had lots of fun learning all about India. We took part in Bollywood dancing and created  beautiful rangoli designs. We learned lots of new facts about India in the assembly put on by the families from India. 


We hope you have had a wonderful half term full of exciting activities and adventures. This term we are following a huge interest of the children's and focusing our learning on the topic 'Superheroes and Princesses.' We will be talking about who our favourite superheroes  and princesses are and what makes them special to us. We will have lots of fun creating our own class superhero and making a huge castle outdoors for the princess to live in. Keep a look out for pictures from our 'Superhero and Princess' party when the children will have a chance to dress up. We are also taken part in the Alder Hey appeal 'Cash for kids superhero day' where the proceeds from our party will go to. 

Science Day
For Science day nursery made galaxy slime. We mixed PVA glue with laundry gel and added lots of superhero galaxy colours and glitter. We had lots of fun discussing the changes we could see once the liquids were mixed. We loved mixing, twisting and pulling the slime it felt sticky running through our fingers. 

Library visit
Nursery had a lovely visit to the local library. We had lots of fun singing songs and making music with the instruments. We read a funny story about dinosaurs in underpants and a fantastic pop up book about a witch. A big thank you to the librarian who made our visit so fun.

Dental Hygienist
In nursery we had a visit from the dental hygienist. She told us how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day. We practised brushing a big set of teeth with a huge toothbrush. We now know we need to brush all our teeth even the ones right at the back!

Welcome back, we hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas break. This half term our theme is 'Food Glorious Food'. We have discussed with the children what different foods they would like to learn about and taste to ensure that the learning is focused on their interests. We have already started lots of work around 'The very hungry caterpillar' and have tasted the different fruits in the story book. We will be cooking and tasting a variety of food from around the world!

Autumn Term

Over the Christmas period we had a very special visitor from the North Pole. We discovered Santa had sent an elf to join our Nursery Class. The children decided to name him Elf Rumple. We had lots of fun coming into nursery each day to discover where Elf Rumple had crash landed from the North Pole. We found him hanging from the snowflakes and even found him eating chocolate from our advent calendar-What a mischievous elf!

We have been learning all about Advent and talking about how we get ready for the birth of Jesus. We took part in the School Nativity, nursery children made excellent singing, shining stars. We had lots of fun learning about the birth of Jesus and learnt many new songs to celebrate this. We even made our very own class Advent Wreath. You can see all the exciting things we have been doing by looking at our photographs below.

In nursery we follow the children’s interests as much as we can. A particular interest this term was volcanoes. We decided that we would create our own mini volcano explosion. We used a variety of resources and a special ingredient to make it erupt. The children were overjoyed to watch the volcano explode and we made the eruption bigger each time.

We hope you all had a lovely half term and are ready to start learning and exploring the new nursery environment.
Each half term we focus on a different topic. This term our topic is 'Festivals and celebrations'. As part of this topic we will be looking at Bonfire night, Remembrance Day, Diwali festival, Advent and Christmas. Keep a look out for pictures of the different activities the children will be taking part in.

This term we are also involved in World Nursery Rhyme Week from the 10th November to the 14th November. This involves the rhyme a day challenge.

We had a lovely start to the term with lots of new children. The theme for last half term was 'All About Me'. We learnt all about how we look, our bodies and our likes and dislikes. We had lots of fun sharing stories about our families and listening to our friends. We also learnt about the Autumn season. We went on a Autumn walk around the school grounds and found lots of conkers. You can see from our pictures we painted the conkers and created beautiful autumn pictures.

Weekly Money
Building fund is 50p per child a week
Snack money is £1.00 per child a week
Total: £1.50p per child a week.
Please give this to the class teacher at the beginning of each week. Thank you.

We hope that your children are enjoying nursery with us, as much as we are with them. Thanks for your continuing support of the School.

Class Teacher Miss Yassin
Nursery Nurse Mrs Duggan