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Year 6

Week Beginning 31/10/22


Nicholas, thank you for working so hard in class this week.


Amelia, you have been fantastic this week in your mature attitude and the way that you have taken responsibility for your own learning.

Week Beginning 17/10/21


Arthur and Layton, thank you for being such mature students and helping to resolve conflict amongst younger pupils in school this week.  It is wonderful to see Year 6 students acting in this way.

Week Beginning 10/10/22


Amelia and Faye, thank you both for setting such a good example to the rest of the pupils in our school this week: that's exactly what we want our Year 6s to be like.


What a fantastic week for attendance Year 6 - with 99.7%, you deserve to be winners this week.

Week Commencing 19/9/22


Tommy, all of the adults who teach you are so impressed by the mature way that you take responsibility for your own learning.  This will serve you well for the rest of your education.


Kate, what a fantastic piece of writing you produced in History this week to explain why the Vikings settled in Britain.

Week Commencing 12/9/22


Ben, I think that it is a fantastic achievement that you have been chosen for two consecutive weeks to receive a certificate: this time for your consideration and helpfulness to others. 


Karol, I have been so pleased to hear about your resilience and the right choices that you have made this week. 

Week Commencing 5/9/22


It has been a lovely start to the new school Year and Year 6, you  should be proud of yourselves.  Thank  you to those of you who have given up some of your playtime to read to younger children.  Joseph, you were chosen for a certificate for the wonderful, enthusiastic way that you read to Year 1.  Ben, you were chosen for the attentive way that you have worked in class on this week's spelling activities.

Week Commencing 11/7/22


Well done Sophie for reading in church with such confidence.


Jacob, well done for the way that you have shown a caring attitude to others this week.

Week Commencing 27/6/22


Nifemi, your confidence and hard work has been recognised and praised by your classmates this week.


James, well done for trying to hard to recognise the needs of others this week and show consideration towards them.


Georgia, thank you for being such a fantastic Cashier for LifeSavers club all year: we couldn't have done it without you.

Week Commencing 20/6/22


Mr Farrell and Miss Jones found it too difficult to choose two children for certificates this week because it has been such a good week (that is great to hear).  So they asked the class to vote for who they thought deserved special recognition and they chose:


Obosa, because he has put so much effort in to his work this week;


and Jacob who has been especially helpful to adults.

Week Commencing 13/6/22


Gustavo, your effort in Maths this week has been fantastic.


Arek, we have been so impressed with your writing this week.


A massive well done to all the Year 6s who have passed their swimming assessments this week in Top-Up Swimming 

Week Commencing 16/5/22


Magareet, you good manners and considerate nature have been noted by the kitchen staff in school this week.  it is lovely when they mention to teachers how pupils make their day easier and nicer.  Keep it up.


Ben, well done for making such positive contributions to the class learning this week.

Week Commencing 9/5/22


Vinnie, I always feel that it is extra special when someone wins a certificate because they have been nominated by a classmate rather than an adult in school - and that is what has happened this week: one of your class members asked Mr Farrell to give you a certificate this week for being a supportive person.


The other certificate this week was awarded to the whole class! Year 6 you handled this week brilliantly. We are all so proud of you.


To top it all off, you are the best attendees with a fantastic 99.3%.  You could be on your way to Sector  8 at the end of the half-term!

Week Commencing 2/5/22


Two girls have stood out this week for putting in to practice the strategies that we have spoken about all year to help us be resilient, independent learners:


Lily B, you have used to range of coping strategies to help you in class;


and Sophie, your positive contributions to lessons have helped your learning.


Well done girls!


Week Commencing 28/3/22


Year 6, you have broken the record.  NINE pupils from the one class winning certificates.


Thank you so much Meeters and Greeters who did a fantastic job on Parents Evening.  We are so proud of you and so many of our visitors passed comment on how welcoming and polite you all were.


Week Commencing 21/3/22


Vinnie, you are growing in confidence all the time and making such positive contributions to lessons.  Keep it up.


Jacob, the positive connections that you have made have been noticed by lots of staff. Well done. 

Week Commencing 14/3/22


Aaron, thank you for your caring, consideration towards others.  Especially the kindness and help that you show to younger pupils.


George, you have demonstrated fantastic resilience this week by coming to school with an injury and carry on with your learning and to help your class achieve a good attendance percentage...


And it paid off George, because with a brilliant figure of 98.6%, Year 6 are the attendance winners this week.  Well done Year 6.



Week Commencing 7/3/22


Year 6, you are another year group who are using the 7Cs of Resilience as a help to improve their  performance in school:


Vinnie, you are working so well to improve your confidence by employing coping strategies;


James; your use of coping strategies have helped you to show determination in tackling long division questions this week. Well done!


Lily was a  third certificate winner this week in recognition of her cheery politeness!




Week Commencing 28/2/22


I was so pleased Jordan to hear that you have been picked by your class this week for improved behaviour.  Mr Farrell has noticed that you have made good progress in Maths too - the two things are connected!


Margareet, Mr Farrell tells me that you have demonstrated a consistent use of two of the 7Cs this week: (positive) contributions to learning and confidence in yourself - well done! 

Week Commencing 14/2/22


It has been a fantastic week for Year 6 this week.


George, you have been chosen for the second occasion in a short short space of time for the same reason.  Thank you for showing kindness and consideration to others again.  Your acts of compassion are very much appreciated.


Zack, I was so happy to hear about how much progress you have made in Maths this half-term.  Great news - keep it up.


It's a double-whammy for Zack because he was also chosen by Mrs R this week to receive her certificate for his sense of fun and helping to brighten up the Parents' Breakfast Morning.

Week Commencing 7/2/22


Well done Anthony for your excellent contribution to the performance in this week's PE lesson.


Jacob, it was great to hear that you were nominated by a classmate this week to receive a certificate - that is always a good sign of someone being valued as a considerate class member.


James, Mrs Radford picked you this week for her certificate for your manners and courtesy.


To top-off a great week for Year 6 - you are the attendance winners this week and you broke the magic figure of 97%.  Well done!

Week Beginning 31/1/22


Leticia, you have show more confidence and contributed to learning more this week - well done for applying two of the 7Cs to your learning.


James, when it comes to the 7Cs, you have excelled this week - you performance merited your certificate.

Week Commencing 24/1/22


George.  Chosen by a teacher from another class because of the way that he looked after another pupil.  That's a first George, but it was great to see you being recognised and praised by another teacher.


Callie, you received your certificate for being a kind and supportive friend.  I could tell by the reaction of your class when you received it that you thoroughly deserved it.


Arek, I was very pleased to hear about how well your piece of descriptive writing was.  Come and show it to me so I can enjoy it first-hand.

Week Commencing 17/1/22


Lily, I am so pleased to hear about your level of contribution and the effort that you have made this week to your own learning.


Layton, you have demonstrated a fantastic positive attitude this week.  Keep it up! 

Week Commencing 10/1/22


James (JJ), you have impressed the adults in your class this week with your thoughtful questioning to find out the information that you wanted.


Margareet, you  deserve recognition this week for your positive contribution to learning and, like JJ, your questioning skills.


Amber, we often talk about the love of Christ shining here - but it is lovely to see it in action.  Thank you for your consideration and concern towards younger pupils.


Week Commencing 3/1/22


Well done Reuben for using ambitious vocabulary in your lessons this week.


Obosa, Mr Farrell has noticed your all round work ethic and strong character (one of our 7Cs of Resilience) this week.


Excellent Year 6 to see you winning the attendance award this week with 96.5%.  In the circumstances of all the illnesses that are out in the community, well done - let's see if you can top 97% next week.

Golden Letter Winners


Well done to Aaron and Layton for being the recipients of this term's Golden Letters for Year 6.


Aaron you work hard in all subjects, and you are kind and helpful


Layton, you have demonstrated excellent effort in all subjects and have such a positive attitude.


Great news and well done both of you.

Week Commencing 13/12/21


Well done Year 6 - you were the best attendance winners with a great figure that got through the 97% barrier! Keep it up!  


Well done the representatives of Year 6 who completed Day 2 of the Nail It anti-bullying programme this week.


Week Beginning 6/12/21


Well done Nathan for receiving recognition this week for your positive contributions to learning.


Lily B, both Mr Farrell and Miss Jones have noticed how hard you have worked across all areas of the curriculum this week.


Well done Jordan - your act of consideration to another pupil.


Week beginning 29/11/21


Well done Leticia for the improved work that you have produced in English lessons this week.  You are working so hard to make your spoken language better too.


Lily W, both Mr Farrell and Miss Jones have commented this week on how you are making so many more contributions to your learning.  That's fantastic news!

Week Commencing 22/11/21


Well done Vinnie for your improved attendance in school - it is having such a positive effect on your contribution to lessons.


Racheal, you are demonstrating much more confidence in class -  it is so lovely to see you striving for one of the 7Cs.


Thank you to all the Year 6 pupils who took part in the Nail It programme this week and working to make our school a nicer place to be for all.



Week Commencing 15/11/21


What a week this has been for Year 6.  They had FOUR certificate winners this week:


Neveah and Thomas for working consistently hard in all subjects;


Gustavo, whos Speaking and Listening skills in English are improving so well;


and layton for his work in after school tuition.


Moreover, the whole of Year 6 need to be so proud of themselves for achieving 100% attendance this week! Fantastic.


Week Commencing 8/11/21


Well done to Arek and Jordan for being the recipients of Mr Farrell's certificates this week: Arek for the resilience that he has shown in Maths; and Jordan  for an all round improvement in his work ethic.


Week Commencing 1/11/21


James S was chosen by Mr Farrell this week because he has been helpful, kind and supportive to others.  What wonderful adjectives to be described by James.  Be proud of yourself.


George, you have stood out this week for your responsible attitude and in the unselfish way that you sacrificed some of your free time to help prepare for the science experiment conducted this week.


Mr Doyle was so impressed by the considerate way in which James L behaved in our visit to Chester Zoo.  Little things like opening doors for people, standing back and letting others through really stood out.  A family at the zoo complimented Mr Doyle on the way that James helped them.  The same can be said of Nathan who was very considerate to a class mate who needed some assistance.



Mr Doyle would like to thank you all for letting him share your day at the zoo.

Week Commencing 18/10/21


Year 6 boys welcomed visitors from De La Salle Academy this week to discuss transition to secondary school for a question and answer session.  It was nice that their visitors commented on how welcoming, attentive and well-behaved out Year 6 boys were.


Georgia was chosen by Mr Farrell this week to receive his certificate because of the improvement in her handwriting.


Zack was the other winner in recognition of the extra responsibilities that he has taken on.

Week Commencing 11/10/21


Nifemi was chosen by his classmates this week for his constant good attitude to school.  The other pupil chosen by Year 6 was Ben, who was recognised for his kind, considerate personality.


Well done you two and  a big massive thank you and well done to Ben (again), Reuben, Jordan, Jacob, George., Obosa and Nathan for not only finishing in a fantastic third place in the football tournament today, but for representing our school so well with their conduct and sporting attitude.  We are so proud of you all.

Week Beginning 4/10/21


I loved hearing Mr Farrell's comments about James L this week and his "can do attitude" and kindness.  That's great to hear James.


Layton too has really impressed the adults in class too this week with his work on long division.


To make it a triple for Year 6, I have chosen Sarah as the winner of my certificate this week because she has set such a good example in the shared parts of the school this week such as the dining hall and corridors with her good manners and consideration to others.



Week Beginning 27/09/21 

What is the good news that I have heard this week?  Well, Aaron has made himself the Long Division Meister in Maths and Sarah has impressed Mr Farrell by her dedication in maintaining the class Bible.


Well done you two!


Week Beginning 20/09/21


You have had another excellent week Year 6.  I heard that you were excellent representatives for our school when you attended the Archbishop Beck Year 6.  Thank you for that.


Nifemi, your coding skills in computer lessons this week really impressed Mr Farrell.


Filip, you have shown yourself to be a kind and helpful person in class this week.  Thank you for making a positive contribution to your class room this week.



Week Beginning 13/09/21


Well done Year 6 on your positive contribution  to school life this week.  Lunchtime Computer/Games Club is up and running and well-attended.  Mr Farrell has set a challenge to his class to beat him on a game that requires a lot more skill than was required on other games which were proving popular. Ask Mr Farrell about it.


Well done Callie for being chosen this week by Sir for your creative writing.  I can't wait to see your poem on the school website.


Sir has told me all about your science this week.  Your lesson sounded so interesting and James kindly shared his "bottle of blood" with me after school!  Thanks James.  Special mention to Reuben for demonstrating his knowledge on anatomy.  I think that we have a future Pulmonary Doctor amongst us. 


And you won the best attendance!

Week Beginning 6/9/21


What a fantastic week for Year 6 this was!


Jordan was picked by Mr Doyle to receive his certificate of the week for an act of consideration and kindness to another boy who was hurt during a fall at lunchtime.


Mrs Radford picked another Year 6 boy as her star: James S for being resilient and living up to the 7Cs.


Mr Farrell's choices for his certificates this week were Sophie for fantastic work in Maths and Amber who really impressed in English!


Well done Year 6 on an excellent week and keep up the great work.