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Welcome to our Nursery class page!


A very warm welcome to our wonderful Nursery!

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Nursery Staff:

Mrs O'Brien – Class Teacher

Mrs Crook - Teaching Assistant 


We have had a lovely two weeks settling into nursery. We have been exploring our environment and getting used to the rules and routines. We have had lots of fun!

We have had so much fun in Nursery this year, we can't wait to see what Reception brings!

Week beginning 15.11.21 

This week we have been thinking about colour. We have explored colour mixing with paint, blown into paint with washing up liquid to practice printing and went on a walk around school to ask all our teachers what their favourite colours are. We have explored painting with our feet, been on a colour hunt and sorted different objects by colour to make a beautiful display for our class. 

Week beginning 08.11.21

This week we have thought a lot about different celebrations. We have made sparklers from breadsticks and chocolate, used chalk to draw fireworks outside to celebrate bonfire night. We made a menorah and decorated ‘Stars of David’ to celebrate Judaism. We also made beautiful poppy pictures for Remembrance Day. 

This week we have been thinking about Autumn. We have been on walks around the school grounds to look at the way trees change. We collected some leaves to make a huge collage before painting them and using them to print. We have talked about the different animals that we see at this time of year and used leaves and paper to decorate them. We looked at some pumpkins and explored what they looked, smelled and felt like. We used one of them to play pumpkin bowling. 
In R.E. we made our very own baptismal candles. 

11.10.21 - This week in nursery we have been really busy thinking about sound. We have played with the instruments and made our own. We have shared some of our favourite songs and used music to help us mark make. We listened to some music and drew as it played. We explored how sound travels and made our own telephones to send messages. We went outside to find sticks to drum against objects to see how the sounds were different. In R.E. we talked about the ways that we make people feel welcome and made a sign for our class.

Star of the Week - 08/10/21 Well done Frankie for trying really hard to write your name and learn our nursery rhymes.

Wearing yellow to raise awareness and support World Mental Health Day.

Handa’s Surprise

This week we have been thinking about our sense of taste. We have been reading Handa’s Surprise and completed a lot of tasting activities. We talked about all the fruits in Handa’s basket, we tried a lot of the fruits and we even completed an experiment where we had to guess what fruit Mrs O’Brien had blended up. We finished the week by making a whole class picture of all the different animals and fruits we could remember from the story. 



Week Beginning 6/9/21


Mrs O'Brien has had a lovely week meeting the new Nursery children back to our school.  She has said that the week has gone really quickly, which is always a good sign.


Welcome to our school and it has been lovely having you join our community this week.